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VEX Professional Development Plus
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Professional Development Plus

Reshaping STEM Education Together

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VEX PD+ allows educators to learn best practices for STEM classrooms and competitive robotics, receive coaching and feedback from the VEX Team of Experts, interact with a community of peer educators like yourself, then experience the most inspiring STEM education event on the planet, the VEX Educators Conference, held at the VEX Robotics World Championship.

Learning Never Stops

VEX PD+ is an on-demand streaming and learning platform that enables you to learn from and interact with experts in classroom and competitive robotics. Members of VEX PD+ have a network of resources to ensure that STEM learning is engaging, relevant, and equitable for all students.

VEX PD+ subscription includes access to a catalog of Professional Development videos, participation in a Professional Learning Community, access to the VEX Educators Conference, exclusive STEM Webinars, and much, much more.

PD+ Introduction Video (2.5 minutes)

"The greatest STEM assets aren't motors or gears - they're people. Real success comes from the world-changers who use VEX solutions to do amazing things. Students, parents, educators, school districts, and partner organizations are all using VEX to have a genuine impact on STEM education and competition robotics."- Bob Mimlitch III, Co-Founder of VEX Robotics

VEX Professional Development Options

Available for 123, GO, IQ, and V5 + Workcell

for Classrooms
Mentor PD
for Competitions
Basic PD
for Everyone
STEM & CS Professional Development     
Professional Learning Community    
Annual VEX Educators Conference    
Exclusive STEM Webinars    
STEM Trends: News, Analysis, and Research    
VEX Distinguished Educator Programs    
Curated Educator Community Lessons    
Competition Mentor Development  
Competition Learning Community  
STEM Labs Curriculum & Teacher Portal
Certification Courses for Educators & Mentors
Professional Development Library
Pricing $999 / Year Included with RECF Team Registration No Cost

Professional Development Library

Professional Development

VEX PD+ Professional Development Library is an on-demand streaming and learning platform that provides access to the VEX Team of Experts and other STEM educators, all who value STEM learning and pedagogy. The VEX PD+ Professional Development Library enables you to receive expert-led professional learning without leaving your home or school. Build collective STEM knowledge with the VEX PD+ Professional Development Library that offers dynamic, self-paced training for every VEX platform.

Professional Learning Community

Professional Learning Community

Join the VEX PD+ Professional Learning Community and receive advice, coaching, and feedback that will help you keep your students’ learning on track. Receive clear guidance on how to put knowledge into action and begin implementing what you've learned. Then share your ideas and successes with a community of peer educators like yourself.

Educators Conference Tile

Annual VEX Educators Conference

Gather with the most dynamic and innovative leaders in STEM education. The VEX Educators Conference during the VEX Robotics World Championship is a highly collaborative and immersive learning experience. Connect with other educators, engage with best practices for classroom and competitive robotics, then experience the most inspiring STEM education event on the planet: VEX Robotics World Championship.

STEM Webinars

Exclusive STEM webinars

VEX PD+ is timely and ongoing. STEM webinars will help you to stay up to date on STEM education and other current events that can impact education. Come learn from the VEX Educators that create all the wonderful VEX resources.

STEM Trends

STEM Trends: News, Analysis, and Research

STEM Trends provides approachable and relevant insight into STEM education and news, shining a spotlight on what works in classrooms and showing educators how they can adopt or adapt best practices around STEM pedagogy.

Community Lessons

Community Lessons

The VEX Community is using VEX Robotics in many different ways around the world! Get inspiration from other VEX teachers through the Community Lessons.

VEX Distinguished Educator

VEX Distinguished Educators

VEX students and teachers are creators, not just consumers, of technology. Additionally, how STEM is taught is just as important as what is taught. The VEX Distinguished Educator Program will champion innovative teaching approaches that represent the best in STEM education.