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2024 Speakers & Schedule

Get ready to learn, connect, and grow with the leaders of STEM and robotics education. Dive into hands-on sessions, gain insights from leading educators, and explore classroom strategies with a global community. It's a unique opportunity to enhance your curriculum, ignite student curiosity, and shape the future of learning through the power of the VEX Continuum.


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Build lasting connections, acquire practical classroom strategies, and immerse yourself in hands-on workshops and speaker sessions.


Monday, April 29, 2024

Get introduced to the VEX CTE Workcell and its curriculum, a comprehensive guide to implementing robotics and automation in career and technical education.

Engage in a dynamic workshop where teachers will use the Freeze Tag game to create a competitive learning environment with V5 robotics.

This workshop introduces the essentials of block-based coding through VEXcode VR. It's a great starting point for educators new to programming, offering an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Explore advanced applications of Python in science and data logging using VEX EXP, perfect for integrating STEM concepts in the classroom.

Developing and implementing a VEX Virtual Robotics Competition using VEXCode VR was an initiative by Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) back in 2020. The goal was to provide an opportunity for students in K-12 to compete during the pandemic. The office of Instructional Technology along with the STEAM Department have developed these Virtual Robotics Competitions in the last three years with a lot of success. During this session, we will explain the development process of these Virtual Competitions. We will share the rationale we used for each grade level, sample challenges used, rubrics, and possible solutions we created for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

Get introduced to the VEX CTE Workcell and its curriculum, a comprehensive guide to implementing robotics and automation in career and technical education.

Learn how to smoothly transition students from block-based to text-based coding with VEXcode VR Switch Mode. This session is perfect for teachers aiming to advance their students' coding abilities from basic blocks to more sophisticated text coding techniques.

INOVTECH STEM CENTER, led by Jonathan Kennedy Sowah, pioneers equitable STEM education. This presentation reveals our strategies, emphasizing community engagement, tailored curricula, and impactful partnerships. We showcase successful initiatives dismantling barriers, fostering belonging, and driving societal change. Join us to explore INOVTECH's transformative vision for empowering underserved communities in STEM

Step into the action of VEX Worlds on a Pit Walk and Tour. Explore the dedicated areas where teams from diverse regions collaborate and prime their robots for the competition. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from teams directly about the competition. Come back to the Conference area to join us for Networking Drinks once finished.

Join our Happy Hour at the end of the first day of the Conference, designed to bring the PD+ Community together. This gathering is an ideal opportunity for building relationships and exchanging insights within the PD+ Community.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Through strategic initiatives and the VEX resources, we aim to break down barriers and cultivate an inclusive environment where diverse learners can thrive in STEM fields. Join us to explore how we're leveraging the VEX continuum to empower educators and inspire students worldwide, ensuring STEM for all isn't just an ideal, but a reality.

Ready to elevate your game? Dive into Project Lead The Way's VEX Robotics Professional Development opportunities, offering six distinct 5-hour VEX trainings through PLTW's Professional Development Suite. In this session, explore PLTW's robotics programs, define your goals and needs, and strategize to address them with best-in-class training sessions. Navigate seamlessly through course exploration, registration, and identification of tailored training sessions to meet your specific needs.

Gain insight into teaching block-based coding with VEX EXP, offering a hands-on approach to introducing coding concepts.

Discover the power of Python in science and data logging with V5 robots, ideal for teachers looking to integrate advanced STEM applications.

Delve into the 'behind-the-scenes' journey of coaching the Caution Tape Robotics Club to double VEX IQ World Championship victories. As the Master Shifu, I'll share insights from our path to excellence, highlighting the pivotal role of strategic planning, innovative problem-solving, and real-world tech application in robotics education. The presentation will reveal how combining practical tech experience with educational methodologies fosters a win

Get introduced to the VEX CTE Workcell and its curriculum, a comprehensive guide to implementing robotics and automation in career and technical education.

Gain insight into teaching block-based coding with VEX V5, offering a hands-on approach to introducing coding concepts.

Dive into how VEX Robotics seamlessly transitions theoretical knowledge into practical applications, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world engineering challenges. This panel explores strategies, experiences, and outcomes of integrating VEX into diverse educational settings to equip students with tangible skills for the future.

In this session, you'll gain insights from the very heart of our community—our students. Hear directly from participants about their journey, challenges, triumphs, and the invaluable lessons learned through their involvement in VEX Robotics. Their firsthand experiences underscore the powerful role of VEX Competitions in shaping confident, creative, and collaborative innovators of tomorrow. Additionally, we're honored to feature insights from the CEO of the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, offering a unique perspective on the vision and direction of VEX Robotics Competitions. Learn about the foundation's commitment to enriching student experiences and expanding access to STEM education globally.

Dive into the applications of Python for science and data logging using VEX IQ. This workshop is perfect for introducing real-world STEM applications to students.

Engage in a hands-on session where teachers will modify the VEX GO Hero Build for a friendly classroom competition, integrating competitive elements into learning.

The abstract introduces the "What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom in Ghana" research, emphasizing the significance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in the context of Ghana and considering application in the US using VEX robotics curriculum. This research seeks to foster a dynamic dialogue on how STEM can positively transform teaching and learning experiences in Ghanaian classrooms. This research paper aims to address key questions:

  • How can STEM education be tailored to suit the unique cultural and economic landscapes of Ghana, ensuring relevance and resonance with local and global needs?
  • What innovative pedagogical methods and approaches can invigorate STEM education, promoting active engagement, critical thinking, and creativity among Ghanaian students?
  • In what ways can STEM education contribute to breaking down gender barriers and fostering inclusivity within Ghana's educational system?

This presentation introduces an AI-based VEX IQ Parts Identifier, designed to help new students, teachers, and mentors in VEX Robotics. The tool aids in quickly identifying VEX IQ components, crucial for beginners in robotics. Our AI-driven solution offers an intuitive interface for learning part names and functions, enhancing educational efficiency and confidence in foundational robotics skills. We will demonstrate its functionality, user experience, and impact on learners' journeys in robotics education.

Learn how to use the Team Freeze Tag game to bring exciting competition into the classroom, enhancing student engagement with VEX EXP.

Explore Python programming using VEXcode VR. Educators will gain hands-on experience in teaching Python, showing students how to apply this versatile language to solve intricate problems in a virtual setting.

Join us for the VEX Robotics World Championships Finals in the Dome, the ultimate event of the global competition season, where student teams in VEX VRC Middle School, JROTC and VEX U compete for the top title. Stay for the Game Reveal to discover the new challenge for the upcoming season. A ticket will grant you access to the Dome for these events in allocated floor seating.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

This session will delve into the transformative potential of using robotics to enhance physics aptitude in K-12 education. Through engaging and hands-on experiences with robotics, students can explore the intricate relationship between the physical makeup of objects and the principles governing their movement. The presentation will highlight the use of robotics in K-12 classrooms to measure essential motion data such as distance, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Dr. Hafza will share practical insights into leveraging robotics for the analysis of simple machines, mechanical advantage, and net force. By incorporating robotics into the curriculum, educators can ignite a passion for physics while providing students with tangible, real-world applications of scientific principles. This session aims to inspire educators to integrate robotics seamlessly into their teaching methodologies, unlocking a dynamic and interactive approach to physics education for K-12 students.

This 123 Hands-On Workshop session addresses strategies for including students with disabilities in robotics through an exploration of inclusive and accessible practices. We will apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and High Leverage Practices (HLP) with specific action steps, examples, and tools. Throughout this session, resources and tools will be shared and there will be opportunities to reflect and consider applications within a wide range of instructional contexts. Whether you are a novice to these practices or experiences, this session will strengthen how to consider approaches for including all learners in robotics, frame our instruction, and address learner variability. This session will be 2 hours

Learn the basics of block-based coding through engaging activities using VEX IQ, providing a foundation for students new to coding.

This presentation is rooted in student voice. Students from the PSMA robotics team, along with their robotics coach, Ms. Ana Mihajlovic, will present on how our school was transformed via the integration of robotics. Robotics helped students become more engaged in learning, while also helping instructors and administration re-imagine what education could look like at a public military academy. The integration of robotics led to an overwhelming interest in STEM. The school added more STEM courses and STEM pathways as a result of student voice and interest. How instruction was delivered also changed as more classes moved away from lecture style teaching to project based learning. This presentation is a story about a phenomenal shift that PSMA has experienced. The shift has had a positive impact on student achievement as reflected in assessment scores, grades, and attendance. The Chicago Public School District has also recognized this positive change.

Learn how to smoothly transition students from block-based to text-based coding with VEXcode VR Switch Mode. This session is perfect for teachers aiming to advance their students' coding abilities from basic blocks to more sophisticated text coding techniques.

Description coming soon

Teachers will learn three different coding methods using Touch, the Coder, and VEXcode 123, enhancing their ability to teach coding in diverse and accessible ways.

Teachers will explore how to incorporate the Tug of War STEM Lab into classroom competitions, making learning interactive and fun.

Discover how to merge coding with creativity using the Parade Float STEM Lab. This workshop emphasizes building engaging and imaginative projects with VEX GO.

Discover the intersection of computer science and art with VEXcode VR. This workshop allows educators to explore how coding can be creatively used, enabling students to blend their artistic talents with programming skills.

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