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PD+ New and Upcoming

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June Updates

Below are just some of the great additions that were added to PD+ on June 24th, 2022.

PD+ Live Courses

PD+ Live courses return in July 2022! Topics and dates will be released in the coming weeks at

Live Courses

New PD+ Videos

Explore new VEXcode VR Playgrounds, learn more about coding with Python, explore another Habit of Mind, and more!

edu conf continuum

Introducing the VEXcode VR Art Canvas+ Playground

Learn more about the features and functionality of the new Art Canvas+ Playground.

edu conf integrating

Habits of Mind: Thinking Interdependently

Continue the Habits of Mind video series with a focus on teamwork, collaboration, and helping students learn from and with one another.

123 bundle

Best Practices for Getting Started with Your VEX 123 Bundle

go bundle

Best Practices for Getting Started with Your VEX GO Bundle

STEM Insights Articles

edu conf integrating

Competition Through the Lens of the Habits of Mind


Creating VEX IQ 2nd gen Robots with Pieces from a 1st gen Kit

With VEX PD+, learning never stops – Have a course you'd like to see? Reach out in the Community! New content will continue to be added to PD+.