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What to Expect

Location and Travel

Monday April 29 - Wednesday May 1, 2024

Conference Location

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
650 South Griffin Street
Dallas, Texas 75202
United States

Traveling to Dallas

The conference will officially open at 1:00 PM on Monday, April 29 and conclude at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, May 1, with the option of pre-conference and post-conference hands-on workshops. For those traveling to Dallas, you have the option of flying into either Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) or Dallas Love Field (DAL) airports.

Hotel Information

Exclusive Hotel Block Available at the Omni Hotel

We have reserved a limited block of rooms at the Omni Hotel, conveniently connected to the Convention Center. The dates for the hotel block are April 28th to May 1st, 2024.

To book a room within these dates, please visit Omni Hotel Reservation Link at your earliest convenience. Availability is limited, and rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Exploring Alternative Accommodations

To explore alternative hotels and dates, please visit Team Travel Source for VEX Robotics.

Skyline of Dallas

Registration Options for the VEX Educators Conference:

PD+ All-Access: With PD+ All-Access, your registration includes not only the conference access but also a full year of professional learning through VEX Professional Development Plus (VEX PD+).

Conference-Only Option: Alternatively, you have the option of a standalone conference registration, providing access exclusively to the conference events.

Learn more about VEX PD+ and create your free PD+ Account.

Register Now

1. Purchase a PD+ All-Access License or Purchase a Conference Only Pass

2. Create your free PD+ Account

3. Register for the conference from your VEX PD+ Dashboard or here

Convince Your Leadership

Attending the VEX Robotics Educators Conference is not just an opportunity for you to grow your professional practice - it’s also a unique chance for everyone involved in your school or organization to benefit directly from the experiences, strategies and inspiration you bring back with you! Here are some resources and tips to help you make the case for attending to your leadership.

Tip 1:

Download our “Make the Case” letter and share it with your leader to boost their awareness of the benefits of the VEX Robotics Educators Conference and PD+!

Tip 2:

Inform your leader that while they have the option to purchase a standalone registration for the VEX Robotics Educators Conference, the better value lies in acquiring VEX PD+. This choice not only grants access to the conference but also integrates you into the expansive learning ecosystem of VEX PD+, offering professional learning opportunities throughout the year.

  • If you're already a PD+ license holder, make sure to illustrate the benefits you've experienced. Share concrete examples of how the community and resources available through PD+ have enhanced your students' learning journey.
  • For those without a PD+ license, consider signing up for a 3-day trial, or suggest your leader does so. This allows you to explore and share content that could significantly contribute to meeting your students' STEM educational needs.
  • Highlight that conference registration is complimentary with your yearly PD+ membership, underscoring the additional value and benefits this option provides over a conference-only registration.

Tip 3:

Provide evidence that demonstrates how attending the VEX Robotics Educators Conference will help you advance your STEM teaching goals.

  • Present your leadership with your goals.
  • Connect the sessions you plan to attend and experiences you will have directly to each goal.
  • Explain the impact they will have towards accomplishing your goals!

Tip 4:

Explain how your attendance will benefit your colleagues and students.

  • Make a plan for how you will share all that you have learned! Offer to pass your knowledge onto others in a professional development session at your school, or provide mentoring to your fellow teachers.

Tip 5:

Don’t forget to share how you will take care of your students while you are away!

  • Share your plan for keeping the learning going in your classroom! Show your leadership how you’ve already considered what and how your students will stay engaged and focused on their learning on the days you are attending to your own progress.

Tip 6:

Share information about the VEX Robotics Educators Conference to help seal the deal!

  • Share quotes from previous attendees to underscore the conference's positive impact.
  • Share our Event Flyer with colleagues to spread the excitement!